Brescia, Palazzo Martinengo, Via dei Musei 30 – until 9 June 2019


Until the 9th June 2019 the halls of Palazzo Martinengo will be housing the great exhibition “Gli Animali nell'Arte dal Rinascimento a Ceruti”, or Animals in Art, from the Renaissance to Ceruti, curated by Davide Dotti, with the sponsorship of WWF ITALIA.

This is the first exhibition on this fascinating and very current topic to ever be organised in Europe: more than eighty works of art from public and private collections all over the world show how our animal friends have always been protagonists in the History of Italian Art.

The exhibition itinerary – divided into ten sections dedicated to dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, insects, farm animals, exotic animals, animals in mythology and sacred painting – will allow the public to enjoy an emotional journey through three centuries of the History of Art, admiring works by great masters who, with unparalleled aesthetic sensitivity, painted animals of every species with great attention to defining the anatomical characteristics of every single breed, to capture even the most subtle temperamental nuances. A relationship, between man and animal, that the most celebrated artists of all time have eternalised in paintings of breath-taking beauty, and that this surprising exhibition wants to rediscover and bring to the attention of modern society. For the joy of lovers of Art and of Animals!

The exhibition is open to the public at the following times:

- from Wednesday to Friday from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm

- Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm

(last entrance one hour before closing)


Clients of the Franciacorta Outlet Village can purchase the “OPEN ticket” full entrance ticket at a DISCOUNTED PRICE OF 9.50€ (including audio-guide and fixed fee for credit card payment*).

The OPEN ticket allows you to enter the exhibition without queuing, on the days and at the times that you prefer! It can be used up until the 9th June 2019, the day the exhibition ends.

How to purchase:

  1. Click on the special link
  2. Choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase;
  3. Enter your email and confirm.
  4. Make your payment and receive the OPEN ticket/s at your email address
  5. Present the OPEN ticket at the ticket office at Palazzo Martinengo and enter immediately, without having to queue at the entrance.



The OPEN full tickets, at a discount price of 9.50€, are available while stocks last.

* The OPEN ticket is currently on presale at the website at 15€ (including fixed fee for credit card payment).


Village Card: Exclusive full entrance ticket cost 9,5€ (visit our website - Info: 320 0130694

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The castle of Brescia and weapons museum

Brescia Castle is a medieval fort standing on top of Cidneo hill, just a stone’s throw from the historical centre of the city.

Museo Orma

Inaugurato nel luglio 2018, il Museo ORMA è stato pensato come elemento alle origini e alle radici della valle e del tempo, con il compito di trasmettere la conoscenza dei ritrovamenti avvenuta sul territorio.

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