The ski season has kicked off in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area and it will be as always a winter full of skiing and many fun activities in the snow. For the Village Card holders is still valid the convention to purchase a 1-day Skipass for adults with a discount of € 5 euros off (on full price).

There are several interesting new initiatives for 2019-2020 winter season:

RAILZIP: a scenic adventure flying route will be inaugurated at Ponte di Legno. It allows to descend through the woods, harnessed and in a sitting position and zigzagging over the skiers. The descent takes place by gravity, with the harness attached to a cart that will travel along a 1,300 meters sections of rail and others to rope having a 249 meters altitude gap and 20% average gradient of 20%. During the race, which will last between 6 and 7 minutes and can be carried out alone or in two.

BIATHLON: it will be possible to try your hand at biathlon: cross-country skiing and air rifle shooting on targets. At Vermiglio Long distance Ski Center, a beautiful polygon has been created with 10 pitches for air rifle and 3 pitches for 22 caliber rifles. You don't need to be a professional to try Biathlon this winter.

An evocative Igloo-Theatre at Presena Glacier at 2,600 meters altitude will host more than 50 concerts with ice instruments: violin, viola, cellos, banjo, guitar, percussion and a huge xylophone. It is a truly unique experience scheduled every Thursday (at 3pm and 4.30pm) and Saturday (at 4pm and 6pm) starting from January to March. The Ice Dome will be accessible by gondola from the Tonal Pass and the concerts can be combined with an altitude dinner at Passo Paradiso lodge. Concert tickets can be purchased online pontedilegnotonale.com or at the ticket office of the Paradiso gondola.


For the Village Card holders is still valid the convention to purchase a 1-day Skipass for adults with a discount of € 5 euros off (on full price).

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