Banksy takes Franciacorta


Banksy takes Franciacorta

Franciacorta Outlet Village, in collaboration with Deodato Art gallery presents the exhibition "Banksy takes Franciacorta", scheduled from 15 January to 8 March in the Village exhibition space.

Visit the exhibition that celebrates the world-renowned English Street Artist and Writer. Don’t miss the chance to discover his brilliant and irreverent works in the unconventional setting of the Franciacorta Outlet Village!

Captivating, ironic, authentic and accessible. These are the words that represent the exhibition "Banksy takes Franciacorta", characterised by works bearing the original signature of the artist and trace the history of the undisputed genius of Banksy, starting from his first endeavours, to examine his works and the social themes expressed within them, without forgetting that pinch of irony that is a distinctive trait of his art.

Indeed, Banksy's work uses irony to criticise the art system and society, while dissecting very strong political and ethical issues. With his art and his poetry the artist seeks to launch a message of social vindication, capable of reaching everyone in an immediate and direct way, with no filters. To fight against war and capitalism, in favour of peace.

Around 25 works will be on display, including Sale Ends and Grannies, from the edgy Barely Legal series, Laugh now, which depicts a forlorn monkey wearing a sandwich board that reads: "Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge" and Choose your weapon pink, which depicts a hooded man in dark clothes, a bandana hiding his face and a dog on a lead.

To pay tribute to Banksy's work, a mood has been chosen that reflects the street and "guerrilla art". Designing the exhibition was entrusted to Domenico Franchi, internationally recognised set designer and visual artist.

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